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Established in 2011, Trillium Farms has grown to be one of the nation’s leading egg producers. Our production operations include pullets, cage free pullets, egg-layers, and cage free layers. We process both shell eggs and liquid egg on site to ensure quality and freshness.

Trillium Farms has its own feed mills and trucking operations to transport hens and the feed they consume. The heart of our company is located in Croton and Johnstown, Ohio with additional locations in Larue, Marseilles and Mt. Victory, Ohio.  

Our focus is on providing outstanding care of our flocks of egg-laying hens and pullets each day. Those flocks consume 10,000 tons of feed each week – a nutritious diet that helps them produce millions of safe, wholesome eggs each day.

We are committed to providing the best care for our flocks in order to produce the safest, highest-quality egg product for our consumers. We operate each of our facilities with high regard for our environment and with dedication to being good neighbors within our community.

Quick Facts:
- Trillium flocks consume 10,000 tons of feed each week.
- Trillium produces 3.65 billion eggs annually.
- The Croton and La Rue feed mills are capable of receiving 400 semitrucks per day and have the capacity to store nearly 10 million bushels of corn.

Delivery Locations
Croton Feed Mill LaRue Feed Mill
Address: 10750 Croton Road, Croton, Ohio 43013 Address: 2845 LaRue-Marseilles Road, Larue, Ohio 43332
Office Phone: 740-893-7224 Office Phone: 740-403-2473

Monday - Friday: 6:45 AM - 4:00 PM
Saturday - SUNDAY: 
Receiving WET Corn 

Monday - Friday: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Saturday - SUNDAY: 




Any questions please call Grain Originator, Andy Bregel at 740-817-2984 or 
  Grain Merchindiser, Mike keefer at 614-579-3161 for more information or to contract corn

Croton and LaRue Discount Scale and DP Rates - Policy beginning September 1, 2021

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AgVision 24/7

Trillium Farms is now pleased to announce that we are offering AgVision Anytime. This program allows our corn producers to view and print reports on their scale tickets and contracts at any time! Producers can also receive original scale ticket information via text, e-mail or both. Call/e-mail today to get signed up! The website information is updated every 2 hours. The text messages and e-mails are sent within 5 minutes of when the original scale ticket is entered (note: if there are changes made to the ticket, there is no update sent to the producer).
Already have a username and password? Here you can view all of your records!

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